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Logo Design

Logo design is an important aspect of any business. A well-designed logo can help to create a strong brand identity for a company and can be a valuable marketing tool.

When we’re designing a logo, our designers consider your company’s target audience and what message you’d like your brand to communicate.

A good logo should be simple, memorable, and versatile enough to be used in a variety of contexts.

Logo Design Services

At Lords Only, we offer logo design services to suit your needs and budget. We have a team of highly skilled designers who will work with you to create a logo that perfectly represents your company and communicates its message. We can help you with typography selections, color palettes, and we’ll also deliver your logo in a variety of formats for future access.

Our logo designers always strive for perfection, paying attention to the most minuscule of details. We don’t want to just create a logo, we want to create an experience.

Custom Logo Design

A logo is the face of a company. It is the first thing people see and it’s what they remember. A good logo design is essential for any business, big or small.

When it comes to custom logo design, we have four guiding factors:

  1. The logo should be timeless. It should stand the test of time and never become antiquated.
  2. It should be unique. A good logo should be instantly recognizable and different from any other logo in the modern marketplace.
  3. The logo should be versatile. It should look good in both black and white as well as color, and it should work well on both digital and print media.
  4. It is important to make sure that the logo is easy to read and understand. It should convey the essence of the company in a simple and concise way.


If you are looking for a professional and creative custom logo design, contact us today. We specialize in creating eye-catching logos that will help your business stand out from the competition.

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Modern Logo Design

Logo design has come a long way in the past few years. thanks to new technologies and design software, logos can now be more creative and expressive than ever before.

One trend in modern logo design is to create abstract designs that don’t necessarily resemble any specific object or icon. These logos are often more simple/streamlined, and can be more effective in conveying a company’s brand identity.

Abstraction is a concept in which you give the user the least amount of information to be effective, eliminating the need for excess details that deter your objective.

Another rising trend is to create logos that are interactive and engaging. These logos might be animated or have elements that can be interacted with, such as a spinning globe for a travel company.

Interactivity is a process that represents two or more units working synergistically.

In addition to the above trends, there are also many different styles of modern logo design that can be used depending on the company’s industry and target audience.

Some popular styles include minimalism, retro, and vintage.

Ultimately, the best way to decide on a logo design is to consider what will best represent your company’s brand and appeal to your target audience.

Think of different styles as symbolic manifestations of the way that people think.

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Most frequent questions and answers

There are a few ways to design your own logo. You can use online tools and software, or you can hire a designer to help you create a logo that is specific to your business.

If you want to design your own logo, there are a number of online tools and software that can help you. These tools often have templates and preset designs that you can use, or you can create your own design from scratch.

If you want to hire a designer, be sure to choose someone who has experience in creating logos for businesses in your industry. They will be able to help you create a logo that is both unique and effective.

1. The logo should be simple and easy to understand.

2. It should be unique and different from any other logo in the market.

3. It should be versatile and look good in both black and white and color.

The cost of a logo design can vary depending on the designer, the complexity of the design, and the size of the company. However, most designers charge a fee that ranges from $100 to $500.

No, you cannot make a logo in Word. While Word can be used to create simple text-based logos, it is not suitable for creating more complex designs. If you want a professional logo design, you should hire a professional designer.

1. Start by creating a new document in Photoshop.

2. Choose the size and resolution that you want your logo to be.

3. Select a background color or texture for your document.

4. Create a new layer and draw or type out your logo design.

5. Add any additional text or graphics to your logo as needed.

6. Save your logo as a JPEG or PNG file.

There is no one standard way to price logo design, generally, designers take a variety of factors into account according to the project requirement. However, some organizations work with your budget & employ personnel according to the depth of the scope.