GTIN Resolution to Enhance GMC Feed Performance

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So for you Shopify store owners that are probably having issues with your ads performing poorly…

I’m going to show you a good reason why.

And it has to do with your Google Merchant Center.

Prefer to watch the video?

It’s this little thing called GTIN, which stands for Global Trade Identification Number, GTIN.

This is what you see on barcodes for products.

Now, U.S., Japan, Europe, and one other country I can’t recall, they each have their own protocol for this.

For U.S. based companies..

It’s that 12 digit code underneath the barcode.

And if whenever you upload your products to Shopify, you don’t put the GTIN onto this, it’s gonna affect your product’s visibility organically, & even when running paid ads in the shopping feed.

And it’s also gonna prohibit you from doing dynamic remarketing.

So, if you need some help with this, and you’re wondering why your ads aren’t performing, it’s likely due to issues with your products and your GMC feed.

So if you guys need help with this text “GMC HELP”

To 832.610.2470

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