How To Sell Gym Memberships In A Digital Age

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In this guide, we’ll explore proven strategies to help you create a predictable member acquisition system.

What are Potential Members Searching?

Obviously, they’re searching for a local gym.

But how?

And do you appear on top of Google?

The fastest way to get quality traffic is from Google Ads.

The second is Google My Business (but it’s not as predictable).

But many gyms make the egregious mistake of sending qualified traffic to lame landing pages.

Furthermore, they have no value proposition or irresistible offer in place to turn prospects into leads.

Instead, they talk about amenities & throw up walls of indigestible text (yikes).

Like this image below:

This is a surefire way to incinerate your conversion rate & send people running for the hills (& to another gym).

Instead, you need to craft an irresistible, foot-in-the-door offer that people cannot turn down.

If you would not give away your personal cell & main email address for it – it’s not good enough.

Converting Searches Into Cash

The key to making your gym print money is an irresistible, godfather offer, coupled with an ultra-high converting landing page.

This is how you consistently turn prospects → leads → members.

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Or don’t.


It starts with ‘The Hook’

The Hook creates a pattern interruption that demands people’s attention.

It should be emotive & really strike a chord with your audience.

The Hook will be the Main Headline.

And the Sub-Headline will “play off” the Main Headline by naturally backing up whatever you’re saying with a supporting claim.

Other important aspects of the page:

  • Addressing main paint points
  • Speaking towards their “future desired state”
  • Immense social proof (case studies + testimonials)
  • Key features/benefits
  • Scarcity + urgency 
  • Data, proof, & evidence
  • Risk reversal
  • Highly attractive CTAs (call to actions)

If you get these right, you will unlock the kingdom of endless leads.

Running Google Ads to Attract New Members

If you own a Gym/Studio & you’re not running Google Ads…

Seriously, get with the times.

Our clients get 2-3 leads daily with only $15/day in ad spend.

At $45-50/day our clients consistently get 7-10 leads per day (in metropolitan cities).

If you’re not on top of Google, you’re invisible.

That’s the reality of the internet.

Get with the times or die.

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If you wanna be stubborn & run them yourself… 

I suggest taking a few courses on Udemy, as the platform is not conducive to beginners.

However, if you put in over 100 hours of study you can profitably setup & manage local, service-based campaigns.

Selling Your Heart Out

Getting leads is only ½ of the equation.

You must have ironclad sales processes, conversation scripts, & KPIs in place to ensure you hit your goals.

Leaving things up to randomness/chance is a surefire way to go out of business.

In the discovery phase, ask open-ended questions that extract the pain, story, & dominant buying motive from your prospect’s mind.

Then, ask close-ended questions to secure the deal.

EX 1: “Ready to move forward?”

EX 2: “Do you feel like this is the solution for you?”

If you do this, here’s what will happen to your close rate:

As you can see, lack of systematized sales processes creates unpredictable months & puts your prospects (instead of you) in the driver’s seat.

You should always be in control of the sales process.

You are the guide.

The expert.

The trustworthy one.

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Well, that’s it for now.

Check out the video version below:

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