Leveraging the Gatekeepers Name to Blindside the CEO

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What’s up guys?

We’re hitting it hard.

So I want to teach you guys a little ninja tactic.

So if you’re dialing, and you get just a receptionist, but you got the CEO’s name….

In this instance, I was like, “Is Howard in available?”

And she’s like Howard doesn’t…. this is a retail location. Howard’s the CEO.

He generally doesn’t work here.

I’m like, “Oh, Howard doesn’t come in there anymore?”


Well, does he still have the same email?

Howard at ********** labs.com.

She’s like, “yeah.”

And I’m like, “all right, what was your name?”

She said Molly.

Now watch this.

What we can do is we can kick over here because we have his email.

We can kick over here and shoot old Howard an email and the subject line is “talked to molly”

What is that going to do with Howard’s brain?

He’s going to go, what?

He’s going to think it’s pertinent and relevant because we spoke to someone within his company and then we can delve into, you know, one of the DMs from our sales sequence & hit ole’ Howard with our godfather offer


We got to get this email opened and we got to get in the decision makers DMs or ear for us to even have like any sort of initial contact to be able to…

I hate the word “pitch”

But essentially we want to give them our Godfather Offer, Help Them, and give so much value that we can

Create that trust and start to nurture that lead and get it closer to close

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