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“I tried Google Ads & it didn’t work”, “Google Ads are too expensive”, “I don’t need Google Ads for my business”

We’ve been there, and we feel your pain, but you must understand:

The issue isn’t Google Ads, the issue is either how you set up your campaign or failure to iterate until arriving at a proven, profitable method.


Lords Only is certified to run ad campaigns for businesses of all sizes and types.

We’ve demonstrated extensive proficiency in our ability to run Google Search campaigns.

Furthermore, our agency is licensed/insured so you know your information will be safe & your business will be taken care of by professionals.

Advertising budgets should be handled by experts to ensure your campaign gets the return on investment that it deserves.

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Strategies For Google Ads That Work

  1. You need to be creating your own audiences → For Retargeting → Specific messages based on tracked actions (Ideally need >1,000 visitors for optimization)
  2. Always segment your campaign into keyword or product group themes
  3. Use the correct budget structure → Need to target high-volume keywords (short tail) [+ lower conversion rate] AND lower-volume keywords (long tail) [+ higher conversion rate] KEEP THEM IN DIFFERENT AD SETS
  4. Always split test (even with responsive search ads) → You can pin headlines to appear in set positions to correctly funnel your click-through rate.


Start out with broad match → Find out which keywords are converting the best → Add those keywords as phrase or exact match terms

Minimum Budget = $15/day

Google rewards customers who match the search intent by correctly bringing the visitor to an optimized landing page.

Google Ads Copy

• Needs a strong CTA • Needs emotional triggers • Needs to stand out

Money man

PPC Services

Our PPC Services are based on the 4 core strategies:

  1. Start slow then SCALE (Breaking even within 60-90 days is good)
  2. Set up multiple ad groups around your MAIN Keyword
  3. Focus optimizing the top performing ad groups
  4. Have a consistent schedule for iterating

PPC Management

Managing pay-per-click campaigns isn’t easy, or you’d be doing it yourself.

We’ve spent thousands of hours split-testing ad copy, testing bidding strategies, & optimizing budgets to determine a workable system that brings in the dollar signs.

We’re the guys behind the computer that transform your business by demolishing the competition, bringing your target audience to optimized landing pages, & turning cold prospects into paying customers.

Times are evolving, & you either change or die.

Join us on the ride to the top.


Most frequent questions and answers

Pay-per-click, or PPC, which is an advertising model used on websites, in which advertisers pay a publisher (typically a search engine, social media site, or online ad network) each time their ad is clicked.

You could try to do it yourself, but you might not get the results you want. Driving targeted traffic is complex & time consuming, & it’s much more profitable to outsource it to the experts.

Without the help of our PPC agency, you’ll be wasting money on ads that don’t reach your target audience or convert into sales.


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