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As a roofing company, you know that people will always require help repairing or laying their roofs. This means you won’t run out of potential clients or customers.

However, for prospects to find your business, you must have an optimized, effective marketing campaign, including social media marketing.

According to one report, people spend 1.72 hours (28% of online activity) on social media daily, making it one of the best and most effective digital marketing strategies. This means if your company is not on social media, you are probably missing out on TONS of potential contracts, referrals, and prospects.

Wondering how you can optimize social media marketing efforts for your roofing business?

No need to, our Roofing Digital Marketing Agency can handle it.

This guide will help explain the best social media marketing practices for roofers to help scale your business and beat the competition.

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Do Roofing Contractors/Companies Require Social Media Marketing?

Believe it or not, the demand for new homes and commercial property is increasing worldwide, especially in the U.S.

Having said that, roofing companies experience many challenges, such as late payments and faulty installations. However, there is nothing worse than growing competition.

One report shows that over 80,000 roofing contractors/companies exist in America.

With new roofing businesses emerging daily, you must advance your marketing efforts and strategies to attract new and retain existing customers.

Besides improving the quality of your lead generation, you must also strengthen your brand reputation, update processes and tools consistently, and stay informed about the relevant safety regulations and code updates.

With these additional responsibilities, how and where do you plan to start optimizing business operations?

Start with a marketing strategy. Leverage social media marketing solutions for your roofing business to increase your online presence and get more customers. Don’t believe us; believe the stat:

According to one report, more than 89% of people will purchase from a business they follow on social media, and over 74% will increase spending with a similar brand.

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4 Killer Social Media Marketing Practices for Roofers

Roofing companies with a social media presence know how beneficial it can be for building a brand. Not only does it help your roofing business build trust, but it also helps strengthen and deepen the relationship between your company and consumers.

In addition, social media marketing can help generate brand loyalty and quality leads and assist customers in choosing a brand that best meets their requirements.

Do you want to level up your social media marketing game?

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Listed below are the four social media marketing practices to help drive your desired results:

1.     Post Videos and Photos

Many users scroll through feeds quickly. So, to get people’s attention, you must include quality visuals. What better way to do that than by creating eye-catching videos and photos?

Here are a few ways you can post videos and photos on your social media to grasp consumer attention:

  • Record & display drone footage from the sky
  • Click snaps of your current or past projects to display your handiwork. This way, users know how skilled you are at what you do
  • Make compelling team introduction videos
  • Create videos where you show people how to finish a simple DIY roofing task

2.     Use Mentions and Hashtags

Are you wondering how your roofing company can get noticed by hundreds of social media users? One possible way is through mentions and hashtags.

Using a hashtag people search for can help draw attention. It helps drive more views, shares, and likes on posts. With the right hashtags and mentions, users can end up checking out your social media channel, clicking the follow button, and visiting the website to engage in your CTA (call to action).

Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags per post. When using, make sure that you’re using hashtags that your target market is most likely searching for. This all comes back to knowing your consumer better than they know themselves.

3.     Improve User Interaction and Respond Timely to Reviews

Posting photos and using hashtags will only work if you engage with users daily. Hence, you must find ways to boost user interaction on your social media platforms.

Follow these quick tips to engage your roofing consumers and create a lasting bond with them:

  • Ask questions
  • Respond to their comments on your posts
  • Create polls and contests
  • Encourage users to ask you questions
  • Use animated GIFs
  • Spotlight loyal customers

In addition, ensure that you have a social media team that responds to customer reviews in a  timely manner. If the reviews are positive, appreciate them. However, if you receive negative reviews (like many businesses), here’s how to tackle it:

  • Respond timely
  • Stay courteous and professional
  • Understand the customer’s experience fully before responding
  • Provide a feasible solution to the problem

4.     Promote Events

You can utilize social media channels to promote local events like fairs or festivals, especially when you are hosting the event or are involved in any way.

People who see your brand as active and engaged within the community are more likely to collaborate with you.

Consult Our Social Media Marketing Experts for Your Roofing Business

Even after you follow these tips to the T, social media marketing for roofing contractors or businesses can be challenging to manage and track.

Developing fresh content and handling multiple social media accounts can feel time-consuming and overwhelming. However, hiring a digital marketing agency like Lords Only can take the burden off your shoulders!

Get in touch with our social media marketing experts to create a winning marketing campaign that drives traffic, qualified leads, and increased conversions and sales.

For more info, contact us right away.

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