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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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In order to define “The Best Digital Marketing Agency” we need to ask, “What does it mean to be ‘The Best Digital Marketing Agency?’ In a world of subjectivity we will do our best to remain objective & uncover the true nature of this bold statement.

First off, to be the best means to be the most knowledgeable, skilled, effective, & consistent. These qualities make up the characteristics of the best digital marketing agencies.

Additionally, you could say that the best digital marketing agencies are the highest paid companies that generate the best results. Yes, there can be an imbalance between pay & results in this industry. Unfortunately, there are tons of agencies that play the numbers game & close as many deals as possible & then forget about you altogether.

Therefore, the harsh reality is that outstanding digital marketing agencies can get caught up in the mix of a negative stigma. In other words, there are bad agencies that do not care about the success of your business! So choose wisely if you’re looking to hire a digital marketing agency.

However, there are also trustworthy agencies that specialize in helping businesses grow & build faster than we ever thought was possible before the advent of the internet.

Every project & situation in the digital marketing realm is entirely unique, & therefore it should be treated accordingly. What works to get a plumbing company ranking well on Google damn sure won’t work for your luxury fashion brand.


What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

A Digital Marketing Agency provides online marketing services in hopes of generating more business for their clients.

Essentially, an agency uses a variety of methods & mediums in hopes of creating more revenue through the conversion of qualified leads.

Targeted engagement is the key to providing elite digital marketing services. If you can get the right people to discover your client’s business on a consistent basis, then you have the ability to convert pre-vetted leads.

When executed properly, digital marketing is one of the most effective methods for the long-term growth of businesses. Therefore, everything across the digital forefront must be optimized or your efforts will ultimately end up being wasted. If you provide exceptional customer service, a high level of personability, a results-oriented strategy, & complete transparency, then you have a chance at competing with the best digital marketing agencies.

Furthermore, the best digital marketing agencies don’t take your money & put you on the back burner (although the market is saturated with companies that do). Instead, they consult with their prospects to discover their specific goals, objectives, & vision for the future of their business.

Afterwards, they create a unique strategy custom-tailored to that individual (or company’s) direct business objectives. This is where most agency’s go wrong. They focus too much on getting the sale & fail to invest in the quality of their own services. It’s really a shame. Never trust a company that “claims” they can get you to the number one spot in Google for a specific keyword (or a finite promise of some other kind).

The best we can do is persuade Google that you deserve to be showcased in the number one spot because you’re an expert in your professional field & have topical authority on the subject matter.

Digital marketing should be an investment, not an expense, because the long term success of your brand is dictated by where you appear in search results.

Fun fact: Over 75% of clicks are shared between the 1,2, & 3 spots on the first page of Google.


Why Should I Invest in Digital Marketing?

Good question. Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t, it depends on what you want.

What are your business goals? Is growing/scaling your business important to you?

Maybe all of your business comes through word of mouth & you’re enthralled to be doing your dream job on a referral only basis. Power to you, but this article is not for that type of person.

It’s not really a matter of if you should invest in digital marketing services or not, it’s more about how & when you should.

Let’s play a game. Imagine you have an outdated, ugly, non-responsive website with low-quality images & tons of typing errors. What does that say about your business? How do you think people are going to perceive your company? Do you think people will feel compelled to invest in your products & services?

Your website is digital real estate & most-likely the single most important reflection of your business.

Now imagine you have a stunning website with breathtaking visuals, informative content, exceptional design, & well-structured SEO. See where we’re going? People will literally give you their credit card information because you’ve created a positive perception of professionalism & trustworthiness.

If you’re going to have a website designed (or redesigned), make sure the agency (or person) knows how to properly lay out the SEO architecture beforehand, & doesn’t blindly build you a pretty site doomed to get inevitably zero traffic.

Book a free consultation with one of our agents today & we’ll highlight what we can do for you that other agencies simply cannot👇


Digital Marketing Statistics

Check out Brian Dean’s article about his findings from the analysis of 5 million search results.

  • 0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page. (Backlinko)
  • 60% of marketers say that inbound (SEO, blog content, etc) is their highest quality source of leads. (HubSpot)
  • SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. (BrightEdge)

“If you’re going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of your effort”

The Content Factory

What Is SEO & Why Is It Important?

SEO stands for search engine optimization & it’s important because it’s how Google & other related search engines give you accurate search results.

SEO services are carried out in accordance with Google’s algorithm. In other words, SEO experts structure & create written content in a way that gives Google what it wants.

We use specific tactics & strategies that adhere to the set list of parameters that Google is searching for, so that we can show up near the top of search results.

The reason SEO is so important is because the internet is so accessible nowadays.

People conduct research & make purchases online without thinking twice about it.

Therefore, showing up on the first page of search results for popular keywords is worth a fortune.

Imagine owning a law firm & every time someone searches “lawyer near me” you show up in the number one spot. Your phone’s going to be ringing off the hook. You’ll practically be able to name your price.

Hell, you’ll be so busy you’ll probably have to hire more lawyers.

Now, imagine you own a law firm that appears on the third page of Google for the most lucrative, local keywords.

Exactly…. Crickets.

Now you can see how valuable it is to rank well on Google for the right terms so that your customers can find you!


Will SEO Bring Me More Leads?

61% of B2B marketers stated that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing initiative. (HubSpot)

When you’re ranking incredibly high for niche related keywords with commercial intent, you’re getting tons of targeted web traffic.

People are searching for the products and/or services that you’re offering with buyers intent, clicking on your site, & hopefully completing a transaction.

It’s like a dream come true. Goodbye cold leads!

Imagine having hot leads coming directly to your business every day. This is the power of what proper search engine optimization is capable of.

Furthermore, the more you increase your page rank, build up high-quality backlinks, & keep up with the maintenance of your site, the more authoritative you become.

Google starts to look at you as the expert within a particular field because you’re supplying high-quality content consistently within your niche.

Therefore, in conclusion, yes SEO should bring you more leads, but it will take time.

Your web traffic can’t go from 10 visitors today to 100,000 tomorrow. This would appear insanely inorganic.

Your web presence will most likely grow in a linear fashion & it takes time for your web pages to be indexed, trust to be established, & authority to be gained (along with a variety of other factors).

If you want to learn more give us a call 📲

How To Show Up On Search Results

To show up on search results you must be ranking for certain keywords. 

Keywords are essentially search terms that people type into search engines when they’re looking for something.

Google’s algorithm is attempting to show you the most relevant content in regards to what you’ve searched.

Location also plays an enormous role, as the “near me” search term has been massively growing in popularity.

Moreover, it makes sense that you’d want to see local mechanics if you were searching for “affordable mechanics nearby.”

If you want to compete for the top spots in Google then you need to do the following;

  • Perform extensive keyword research & identify the terms worth ranking for within your specific business niche
  • Correctly structure all of the content on your pages/posts (Headings | Text | Page Titles | Meta Descriptions | Slugs (URL’S) | Image Titles | Alt Tags | Etc.)
  • (Optimal structure is imperative because it ensures the weight of your terms/content is being properly distributed throughout the pages on your website)
  • Acquire tons of high-quality backlinks from sites with a high domain authority within your businesses industry
  • Continuously add excellent content to your website, keep up with ever-changing keyword popularity, & monitor the search behaviors of your target market

Can I Improve My SEO Without Redesigning My Website?

In a nutshell, no.

UNLESS the SEO architecture has been laid out properly from the jump.

Not sure if it has?

Consult with one of our agents here to find out.

Before embarking on a backlink campaign or going the extra mile to tackle the dauntless task of off-page SEO, you need to ensure that your on-page SEO is on point.

In other words, you can make the best homemade icing in the world, but if your cake tastes like shit, then what good is it really?

We’re going to assume you have a website, but you’re getting virtually no traffic. 

You might be thinking, “Why is nobody coming to my site?”

It might be the most beautiful website in the world, but without performing the necessary keyword research & correctly implementing these “focus words” throughout your website, it’s very unlikely that anyone will ever find you.

Therefore, before hiring an agency or a freelancer, you need to verify that they know exactly what they’re doing.

They should be able to provide real-time examples & statistics of client’s they’ve worked with in the past that have a considerable amount of monthly traffic.

Let’s face it, you want your website to be discovered. You want more quality leads. You need more conversions.

These are all reasons why you need your website redesigned by an expert, or else, you really don’t stand a chance at ever ranking or increasing your daily, monthly, & yearly traffic.

Book a complimentary consultation session with us today & we’ll tell you what you can do to improve your business!


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