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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents


In this article, we will be covering what to look for when seeking web design services for small business. Whether you’re dealing with a freelance web designer or a web design agency. If you find this information useful please share this article with someone else who may find it valuable as well!

What To Look For When Seeking Web Design Services

Let’s start with the obvious.

You need a web designer that can create an aesthetically pleasing website.

A site that provides a good UX (user experience) because of its UI (user interface).

Think Apple, they’ve revolutionized the way we use telephones because they’re able to take something extremely complex, & put it onto an interface that nearly anyone can use.

The same should be true for your website, it should be sophisticated, yet easy to navigate.

Here’s the kicker:

If you hire a person or an agency that only knows how to design websites, you’re wasting your money.

Here’s why:

“90.63% of all pages in our index get zero traffic from Google, and 5.29% of them get ten visits per month or less.” Ahrefs

That means that over 95% of websites are almost completely undiscoverable. 

Consequently, you need to be able to determine if the web designers know anything about SEO (search engine optimization).

Creating an SEO-friendly website is an absolute must if your site is to become a digital asset.

What Questions Should I Ask A Web Designer?

  1. Can you show me some references to sites that you’ve created in the past?
  2. Have you designed websites that are getting a substantial amount of monthly traffic?
  3. What do you know about SEO? 
  4. What’s the most important part of web design?
  5. How many revisions are we allowed?
  6. What’s the timeline for project completion?
  7. Will you provide the copyrighting & the imagery, or do we need to?


These are seven of the most essential questions you need to be asking a potential web designer.

We analyze a lot of websites, & the common denominator is that most sites are just undiscoverable online brochures.

Nobody can even find most people’s websites!

Much less their target market.

However, there is a solution.

When you work with a skilled agency that has a proven track record of generating high-quality web designs that stand the test of time, you’re creating a digital asset.

You’re investing in digital real estate that becomes more valuable over time.

Increased site traffic & conversion rates = more sales = more revenue for your small business.

If you’d like to talk with a Lords Only Agent about creating a website or want us to provide a free audit/review of your current site, consult with us today.

Design Isn't Everything

As we mentioned, design isn’t everything.

Design plays an integral role in the overall development of a site, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Your site architecture must be properly created  & continually updated to make your web pages discoverable.

Web Designers should have a comprehensive understanding of keywords & know how to implement them into your site’s menu, titles, headings, text, etc.

Furthermore, you need to understand your brand’s message & your company’s ideal target market before you begin designing, or you’re sure to be left with countless revisions.

Knowing your audience helps you tailor the content on your website directly to your target market.

Implementing conversion rate optimization systems helps you convert pre-qualified leads into customers.

At Lords Only we take a results-driven approach to web design to make your website a money-making digital asset.

Red Flags

  • Designers that discount the importance/relevance of search engine optimization
  • Web Designers that can’t generate data backing their claims to be able to get a significant amount of traffic to your site
  • Extremely cheap web design services
  • Guarantees of “getting you to the top of Google” or claiming substantial results in a brief timeline (<6 months)

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