On-Page SEO Case Study: Custom Packaging Products

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Custom Packaging Products (CPP) was having trouble ranking their “money pages”.

Money pages are the pages on your website that bring you the most money i.e. your main services and products.

After closer evaluation we identified the following problems:

  1. The <H1> Title Tag was optimized for the wrong keyword
  2. The Page Title didn’t match the <H1> Title
  3. There wasn’t enough content on the topic to justify sustained ranking or to rank for more synonymous keywords
  4. Headings were being used as <H2> Title Tags when they should’ve been <H4> Title Tags (purposeful de-optimization to prevent keyword cannibalization)


  • Rank for everything related to “bulk bags”
  • Attract more qualified organic traffic & drive sales.
  • Optimize the page to rank for more organic keywords, creating tons of potential acquisition channels for the business.
  • Expand the page reach from citywide to international.


Going into this we knew that the competition was fierce because we were facing titans like ULINE, Amazon, & Walmart.

Due to the authority of their websites, they rank within the top 3 organic search results for nearly anything.

Therefore, our strategy was to take the Content-Driven SEO® approach by providing more unique and valuable content for buyers that needed more information before making a decision.

We noticed a gap in the market because these E-commerce giants simply had product pages displaying their bulk bags for sale, without any truly valuable information answering common questions consumers have.

So, we did an extensive phase of keyword research and found some underserved keywords that we could target to expand our ranking potential, while still optimizing the page for the main keyword.

On-page SEO can focus on tens (sometimes even hundreds) of keywords per page in some cases, depending upon what the competitors are doing and how similar Google “sees” these keywords.

In this instance, we decided a “skyscraper approach” was necessary because we wanted to provide original, useful information.

View the page here.


  • Organic Traffic: Increased by 175%
  • Traffic Value: Increased by 16.4%
  • Keywords: Increased by 40%



Optimizing ONLY one page also increased CPP’s sitewide organic traffic by 66 visitors in 4 months.

An impressive feat considering nothing else on the website was changed whatsoever.

Here’s a screenshot of the date the On-Page SEO changes were made 👇

Here’s a screenshot of the organic traffic today 👇

Due to the lucrative nature of the business, this project led to a MASSIVE increase in sales and the owner tells us that “the phone has been ringing off the hook”.

The ROI on this project was phenomenal and has allowed the company to start receiving bulk bag inquiries nationwide.

Furthermore, since we boosted the keywords this page ranks for by 40% they’ve started receiving traffic from tons of other search queries.

In this instance, minimal changes were made and great results were achieved.

The moral of the story is that you must evaluate the SERPs (search engine results pages) and find weak spots where you can capitalize by providing value where your competitors aren’t.

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